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ClassNK Academy Frequently Asked Questions

Membership registration and application

Question: Can I apply without registering as a member?

Answer: The membership registration (name, E-mail address, information of the prefecture where you live and company name) is mandatory for the application.

Question: Can I use a free e-mail address?

Answer: Available.

Question: The e-mail for membership registration does not arrive.

Answer: Check whether the e-mail is not sorted into your unsolicited e-mail folders.

Question: I want to apply even on a telephone or Fax.

Answer: Applications are accepted only on the website.

Question: Is it possible to take the course even if the participant does not meet the conditions of the course outline?

Answer: Anyone can attend the courses. Please also refer to the "Guidelines for Participation" in the course outline for detailed guidance on participants.

Question: I want to change my course.

Answer: In case of change, please cancel and apply again.
In case of cancellation: Please confirm the "Matters Related to Participation" category described below and contact the administrative office.

Question: I would like to have multiple persons take the course from the company and check the status of the course.

Answer: Possible. Refer to the relevant sections in the User's Guide.


Question: What is the lecture fee?

Answers: Different course by course. Please refer to the guide for each course on the website.

Question: Are payments mandatory at the time of application?

Answer:After paying, you can watch the course.

Question: I would like you to issue the original document of the receipt and the invoice.

Answer:We use the email sent at the time of application and payment completion as a substitute for these documents. If you need a hard copy, please contact the administrative office.

Matters Related to Participation

Question: What environment is available for viewing web sites and content for the E-Learning?

Answer: Viewing from a PC a tablet and a smartphone. Use of the following environment is recommended.
Recommended environment for browsing websites
Desktops: The version released a year ago to the most recent version (Mac or Windows) of Safari, Edge, Google Chrome, and Firefox
Mobile: Android, BlackBerry, iOS

Recommended environment for E-Learning viewing
Check the link destination.https://www.qumu.jp/qumu-cloud-tech-spec/

Question: I don't know what to do from application to completion.

Answer: Follow the flowchart displayed on My Account to apply for and take a lecture. You can also check the current status from the "Order Controls" and "My Courses".

Question:I bought the content, but I cannot proceed to the viewing page of the E-Learning.

Answer: The customer is required to register membership information before viewing. Select "Issue lecture slip" or "Edit membership information" from "List of application information" and enter the necessary information.

Question: Are there any viewing restrictions on E-Learning content?

Answer. The final day of viewing is December 31st of the year of purchase, but before the date, participants can watch the course unlimited times regardless of the terminal.

Question: Can cancellation be possible?

Answer: Possible. Please contact the administrative office. Requirement for refunds is as following. In addition, a separate administrative fee will be charged for refunds.

In case of E-Learning: A refund is available only if you have not watched the contents.

Question: Is it possible to change the participant?

Answer: Possible. Edit or correct the participant information from My Account. The following restriction applies to the E-Learning.
E-Learning: When content is not viewed

Question: Is it possible to take an comprehension test more than once?

Answers: The comprehension test can be taken any number of times until the final day of viewing.

Question: I have completed the training, but have not been issued with the certificate of completion issued.

Answers: For E-Learning course, answers to questionnaires are completed after checking the degree of comprehension. Please check the status of each answer.


Question: The certificate of completion was lost.

Answer: You can reissue the certificate from My Account.

Question: Due to business circumstances, I need the certificate of completion in English. Can you issue the English certificate?

Answer: Possible. Please contact the administrative office. The issuance fees are free.

Question: We applied for the E-Learning and changed the participant, but the name of the previous participant is printed on the certificate of completion.

Answer: The participant who accesses to the contents is recorded as a student for the E-Learning.

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